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Our transport

Standard / comfort class

New vehicles standard and comfort classes (for 1-3 passengers) with the personal chaffer and manager in Riga. International transfers.

Premium class (VIP)

The newest premium class vehicles. Mercedes Benz, BMW 7 types, Lexus and other 1-3 passengers with the personal chaffer and consultant in Riga. VIP transfers so as international transfers.


Minivans for Your for Your comfortable journey around the Riga and all the country. This vehicle can fit 8 passengers, it includes personal chaffer and help with luggage.

Minivans Business Class

Business Minivans for the business meetings and long journeys around. Mercedees Benz Vito, Viano, it can fit 5 to 7 passengers.

Minibuses in Riga. A minibus can fit over 13 to 20 passengers with the driver, these buses are for the long excursions in Riga and all the country, massive transfers and international journeys.

Buses from 25 to 70 seats. Long trips and transfers. The prices for the buses You can get to know from our consultants.

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We also rent other transport, such as: cars, minibuses, buses and other transport, for example:

Services List

  • Gide services / excursions (different languages)
  • Drinks and snacks on board
  • Personal manager services
  • Limousine rent in Riga
  • Security services, bodyguard services in Riga